Debbie Dare:

“Before my Alexander Technique sessions with Josephine Gray, I used to have chronic pain in my neck, shoulders, and back. My fingers were often numb, making it difficult for me to play the violin. Because Josephine is also a violinist, she was able to help correct my posture using the Alexander Technique such that I am now without pain. Thanks to Josephine I can sleep better at night. Growing older doesn’t have to be painful.”

Mary Brake:

“I consulted Jo after injuring a disk in my lower back which caused not only back pain but radiating pain and numbness in my right buttock, leg and foot. I decided that I wanted to explore strategies for dealing with this beyond surgery and the Alexander Technique that Jo taught was an important component in healing and recovery”.

The Alexander Technique helped me experience and learn effective posture and movement to replace old habits that probably contributed to my injury and definitely exacerbated it. Jo has a very practical approach and tailored the lessons to my circumstances and work situation with a lot of tips and suggestions for improving daily activities. I strongly recommend Jo’s services to others who want to learn strategies for preventing and recovering from physical stress and injury.”

Rene Netter:

“I was delighted when I started Alexander Technique lessons with Josephine Gray. It was a totally new experience; I felt like a baby. Over a longer period I developed a new sense of my body. It helped me with my meditation posture, cycling and working on the computer.”

Hin Leung:

“I wanted to thank you for helping me get to know my body better through the Alexander Technique. You’re a wonderful teacher and definitely have healing hands!”

Dan Carbone:

(Art of Swimming)

“Before taking this course all I was able to do was tread water and
paddle around a bit and now I am regularly swimming full laps, which
to me, seems nothing short of miraculous. Right from the start, this
non-resistant technique changed the way I viewed swimming entirely.
Jo is an expert teacher and very patient with beginners. I would
enthusiastically recommend her for all levels of swim instruction.”